23/07/15 -- Woolly Duck

I have been trying my hand at sculpture
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Woolly Duck - in the process
I have been trying my hand at sculpture and 'Woolly Duck' sits on a frame of copper wire and paper mache, which has then been covered in sand to harden the shell. This has now been painted with acrylic and will soon have a covering of Alpaca wool, there is still the eyes and teeth to be added - a long lost relic of the dinosaur era perhaps??

Book news

I am presently working on a Fantasy Saga, the working title of the first book is 'Spellcaster's Apprrentice' - watch this space for more details.



As much of my work is three dimensional collage work, it is very hard to photograph and produce prints. Therefore I have produced a range of miniatures of the work.

These pieces are 10 cm wide x 15 cm tall and the mount is solid wood. They are a mix of individual, diptych or triptych which can be hung together.

A range of these can be seen in the GALLERY section

Work in progress

Work in Progress

Study of flowers in the flower bed - acrylic on MDF board