Books by Ian Sanday

Space Ace and The Flying Shed

John hates baked beans, so when his best friend Eddie gets him to pack ten cans into their spaceship, he gets a bit worried.

The spaceship is in Eddie’s shed. It has got a computer, and a big TV, but it’s made out of old tin cans and bits of wood, so you can imagine John’s surprise when he pushes the big red button and it actually takes off!

Their landing site looks a lot like Eddie’s back garden, except his house has gone and the sky has turned pink.

Eddie is not worried, the rocket he used was just a bit stronger than he had calculated and they have been blown into the woods next door.

It is not until John gets spooked by movement in the undergrowth that Eddie discovers they have no phone signal, they are probably not in the woods next door... and it’s getting dark.

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